A Few Words About Me

I am a portrait, editorial and commercial photographer based in Bakersfield, CA.

Anthony Ruiz

Anthony Ruiz


Ok, so you actually want to know more about me! How exciting! Oh, the pressure!

I was born in 1972 in a small town in California… uh, ya that’s probably too far back.

Let’s just say that as a kid, I had some brushes with photography that I didn’t realize had more of an impact on my life until later. I came to photography, like many people, because I enjoyed taking pictures. I was often frustrated that the images I got back didn’t appear the way I remembered the event. So I read anything I could about photography and learned that I was limited by my equipment. So I bought better equipment! Then I realized that I didn’t know enough about how to use the new gear, so my pictures still sucked! So I practiced a lot, and learned how to use the gear. That is a long road, which I continue to travel.

Along the way, I’ve picked up a thing or two about taking pictures and always try to make my next one better than the last!

I would love to create an image of you or for you! Let’s meet!