Marydith Chase, the Church Lady.

I’m sure she had a title or job description or something but I don’t think that mattered too much. She was pretty much a permanent fixture at St. Philips Church. If you needed something, even if it wasn’t part of her job, she could always help you get it done.

Marydith’s office was a cluster of books, filing cabinets, furniture and various trinkets and gifts, or mementos given to her by parishioners who were grateful for whatever help she provided for them. There was one window in her office that opened up to a large grassy area of the church. This window was then filled with various sun catchers and decorations, more gifts from parishioners that gradually grew into a collection. Each one had a story attached to it about who gave it to her and oftentimes where they acquired it, and she seemed to be able to could recall each one fondly.

I knew then that this would make the perfect backdrop for her portrait, but it’s her smile that really makes the picture.

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