Aracely-8518 This image was made during a prom photo session at the Park at Riverwalk. Dad brought along his pink Classic Mercury with the pink fuzzy dice for the shoot. Light was falling fast and it seems like every other high school student from every other school had the same great idea of using this location as their prom photo session backdrop. To say that it was crowded is an understatement! We had gone through a series of images of the kids in different scenarios and needed to get some including the car. The parking lot was full, there were people all over the background, it was getting dark fast, and we were cutting it close to getting them to the prom on time. I put on a long lens for compression of the background and to minimize the chances of the people getting in the shot. Next I found my exposure to get the background to look the way I wanted it. I quickly setup a small flash in a large umbrella camera right to bring up the light on the front of the car. I knew that the dash lights would not be bright enough to keep the focus on the kids, but I wanted it to look like it was the dash lights lighting them, so I added another speedlight with a small softbox on the floorboard inside the car. Oh ya, after all that, then I had to be funny! I was pretty happy with what I got! Here’s the quick layout. Pink Mercury Shot LayoutIf you like this, be sure to share it with your friends and comment below.